Sunday, June 2, 2013


 Welcome to AHH Vapors, we opened on June 1st, 2013.

And what is Vaping you ask:

Vaping is the Alternative to Smoking Cigarette.  Similar to the ECigs, Vapor Cig can also  help you to start quitting. 

All Electronic cigarettes (e Cigs or Vapors) use a tank system that is heated to create vapor which is inhaled by the Consumer.  The e liquid or e juice as it is called is made up of  3 to 4 components:

Nicotine: Which is the stimulant in cigarettes. We at AHH Vapors offer 5 different levels for you to choose from. The nicotine used in our E Juice is a natural nicotine produced from tobacco leaves that is chemically and mechanically stripped and distilled to produce the highest level of Purity.  Nicotine in itself is odorless and tasteless.
Flavoring:  Concentrated flavoring are added to the nicotine to give your tasted buds a treat. Flavoring can also mimic the tobacco taste if desired.
                PG (propylene Glycol)  is a colorless nearly odorless liquid with a slight sweet taste. It is
                used in a wide range of pharmaceutical products and food additives. It is commonly called 
                VG (vegetable Glycerine) like PG it is commonly found in food and pharmaceutical as
                 an additive and is called E422.

At AHH Vapors we use both PG and VG in our flavors and in our nicotine, and are offering over 150 flavors to choose from along with Just Tobacco Flavors.

So there you are this is what Vaping is.  A simple mixture to help you stop smoking Cigarettes.
We would like to help if you are interested.